Easy Redis stack setup using Docker Compose

Hey there, fellow developers! Today, I was looking for a ready and simple docker compose file using the redis/redis-stack-server docker image but I did not find anything. So, I am sharing here the one I created if that can help you too.

Create the Docker Compose file

version: "3.6"

    image: redis/redis-stack-server:7.2.0-v6
      - 6379:6379
      test: [ "CMD", "redis-cli", "--raw", "incr", "ping" ]
      - redis_data:/data



  • healthcheck: Defines a health check for the container. The healthcheck runs the specified command redis-cli --raw incr ping to check if the Redis server is responding properly.
  • volumes: Creates a volume named redis_data. This volume is used to persist data, ensuring that even if the container is stopped or removed, the data stored by Redis remains accessible in subsequent container runs.

Run the Redis stack

Save the docker-compose.yml file and run this in your terminal:

docker compose up -d

Verify the Redis setup

Now, go ahead and open your favorite Redis client and connect to localhost:6379.


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