Extend Window type with Typescript

Some of the object properties or functions are not available in the Typescript Window type. Let see a way to extend the Window type with the missing properties.

How to deal with Docker Hub rate limit on AWS

Since 2020, DockerHub has been limited to only 200 container image pull requests per six hours. This article will help you to deal with this limitation on AWS.

Gatsby + Netlify CMS + TailwindCSS Starter

Just created a new starter coming from some of my website development and powered with Gatsby.

How to enable Python type checking in VSCode

Python now has support for type hints. In this article, we will see how to enable better IntelliSense and type checking analysis in VSCode.

How to get a React element as an HTML string

For use cases, you may want to have the generated HTML string from your React component instead of a mounted component rendered on the page. The simplest way is to use the renderToString function provided by the react-dom package.

How to manage Internationalization with NextJS SSG

Staticaly generating a website with the NextJS framework in different languages is not so obvious.

How to render emojis with JavaScript

For the content of your posts, emojis add some fun to your pages. This short post explains how to make that possible in JavaScript.

Git case sensitive

Today, I was wondering to know why on the CI pipeline, tests were failing due to missing files but those files are on the file system locally and push on the GIT repository. This issue came from files renamed updating from lowercase to uppercase.

MySQL Users & Permissions

Database administration includes users and permissions management. Most of the time, a UI like, MySQL Workbench or PHPMyAdmin, is available to perform users management actions. Here, we will see how to do some MySQL users and permissions management with SQL queries.

Install and configure a DNS server with Bind9 on Linux

A service DNS (Domain Name Service) allows domain name resolution to an IP Address and other resources. This service is useful for example for browsing internet websites and not have to know IPs addresses for these websites.

PHP Ternary Operator

The usage of the ternary operator is not the simplest and the most readable way to develop but can be useful for simple conditions. The implementation of the ternary operator depends on the language, let's see how to do it in PHP.

Update NodeJS with npm

New NodeJS releases are done often, so you need to keep your installation up to date. To do so, you can use your Linux distribution package manager (apt, dnf, ...) or brew for OSX. Another way is to use npm..

Install SASS and Compass on Ubuntu

SASS is a CSS preprocess used by many web projects. It allows to generate a CSS style sheet from a language close to CSS syntax.

Undo a git add

An unwanted " git add " can happen. That's why there is a command to redo this " git add ". Here the command line to perform this action.

Install a Chrome Extension outside from the Webstore

You may already encounter the case when you see a Chrome extension source code but you don't know how to install it. In this case, you may want to follow the steps below.