Publish on Cloudflare Pages with unsupported language versions

It may happen that a version of Node is not supported yet by Cloudflare and will remain not supported for some weeks. That can happen even if it is a Long Term Support (LTS) version. Here how to build even if cloudflare does not support the version.

Publish multiple projects on a Monorepo on Cloudflare Pages

All the tooling provided by service providers is great and makes the developer's life much easier. Usually, those providers connect one git repository to an application. It works fine but it is not so easy when you work on a monorepo or if you want to make multiple deployments for more than one locale from only one source code.

Succeeding understanding tech as a non-technical person

It exists a lot of technical terms. If you want to better understand the product team, you are at the right place.

Git case sensitive

Today, I was wondering to know why on the CI pipeline, tests were failing due to missing files but those files are on the file system locally and push on the GIT repository. This issue came from files renamed updating from lowercase to uppercase.

Undo a git add

An unwanted " git add " can happen. That's why there is a command to redo this " git add ". Here the command line to perform this action.


Git command for deleting local and remote tag

Git tags are used to store a specific version of a file and more globally tag specific commits in the history of a repository. For some reason, you may want to remove this tag from your local repository and from the remote repository.

Git command for deleting local and remote tag

Github Action for mirroring repositories

In some cases, it is useful to mirror a repository on GitHub. Unfortunately, Github does not provide an automatic mirroring feature so far. The only way to make mirroring is to do it yourself manually or automate it. Thanks to Github Actions, we will be able to mirror a repository on GitHub automatically.

Github Action for mirroring repositories

Gogs Docker Compose

Gogs git repositories self-hosting solution docker-compose file.

Gogs Docker Compose